Canine Digitisation


When the going gets tough [and insanely busy], this Muse still makes time for “creating” (and playing around with digitised paint).

Either he’s one pastel puppy or he’s just farted himself one colourful cloud of watercolours!

3 responses to “Canine Digitisation

  1. Magical! I love these colors together, and how the dog has a vintage look to him.

  2. Wonderful digitisation of the greyhound. (It is a greyhound, right?)

    And I love your explanation about where the pastel cloud of watercolours has come from!

  3. Kalliope – (!)Glad you stopped by tonight! Thank You!!!!! I just posted this little guy (yes…I do love that vintage Victorian ad look…and I’m a sucker for greyhounds!).

    David! – So nice to see you too! You are absolutely correct (re: the breed!). Ten points for my Aussie writer friend (good work!). Yes…this puppy had a case of the “watercolours” with gaseous clouds of blue and violet…[glad you got a chuckle out of that!].

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