Cygne Petalled Blanc

“Brahman is the beautiful white swan
A Sun shining in the bright heaven,
He is the air filling the blue sky,
The red Fire of Sacrifice blazing
In the hearth,
He is the guest,
The divine Soma
Living in the sacrificial jar.
He lives in men and women,
In Gods,
In sacrifice,
In heaven.
He is in water,
The Earth,
The mountain.
He is the True and the
~The Katha Upanishad (Part 5, Section 2, Lines 15-31)

One response to “Cygne Petalled Blanc

  1. God, this is so gorgeous!!

    [Big Grin!] Wow. Thank you artist friend!!!! High compliments indeed!!! You make me smile Kalliope! I think it’s Poetman’s now…but, he might let me post it on a Zazzle board if I decide to join up [smile]. I’ll keep you posted one way or another…

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