Moxa and You

Meet my friend, “Mr. Moxa”!  He’s a tightly rolled, 8 inch (oh yes!) bundle of mugwort-y goodness.  When lit, he can treat all of your ouchy trigger points and warm all of those cold, achey spots on your body in an instant.  Apart from unwrapping his tightly packed body with a slow, papery striptease, Mr. Moxa comes with an extra fragrant bonus because he smells like “pot” when burned!  This special quality of Mr. Moxa’s makes every therapists dream come true, as his scent leaves an impression of professionalism and solemnity when burned in the home!  Imagine benefiting from all of the benefits of Mr. Moxa today!  No more sharp acupuncture needles and no more achey trigger points.  Imagine all of your precious brain cells “intact” when you have to act lightning-fast to rip that god-forsaken, screeching smoke-detector unit off of your ceiling when Mr. Moxa gets smoking hot!  So, go ahead.  Give Mr. Moxa a try.  You’ll be glad you did.

[lol.  nevermind that Mr. Moxa looks like a cranky turd yelling at a white clam…you get the point].

I didn’t say I was a cartoonist [it only took me 10 minutes to whip this stupid thing up]!




One response to “Moxa and You

  1. Man, if it wasn’t for random testing, I’d be so there. The best pain reliever and mood enhancer ever!

    You are one person that I would love to get my healing hands on (not that you need “healing” per se…but doesn’t everyone suffer from the creaks and squeaks of back or joint pain at some time or another?)!!! I can’t vouch for the effects of first hand non-Moxa smoke ;), but I have had the pleasure of inhaling other people’s “seconds”. I guess I just never got around to experimenting with drugs…and based on my personality type…that’s probably a good thing! Love and hugs girl….

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