Thank you Dylan and Terri

I guess I never truly stopped caring about this blog enough to abandon it completely.  More importantly, I think that a few of my positive intentions echoed into the ether long enough to attract a comment that took me by complete surprise today…

Terri Rose…Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting at my site.  I apologise for not responding to your comment a little sooner.  I wrote a tiny tribute to your son Dylan Kuehl a while back after a friend gifted me with one of his artcards.  Your son is a visual artist, owner of his own artistic business, a Special Olympics Gold Medalist, dancer, musician and a performing artist too?!  Wow, I am truly impressed with Dylan’s Luminous Soul. 

Dylan, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve linked to your incredible site – DK Arts.  You are an amazing Soul with a tremendous vision, and you remind me of what it means to be human, creative, Soulful and courageous.  You are an incredible person and you are loved and appreciated!  Your art is absolutely amazing…the colours, feeling and expression in your work inspire me (I am also a painter).  So, thank you…for being You…and for expressing yourself as an artist and a Luminous, Bright Soul.

In the words of Dylan…on his art and his vision:

“I am able to express myself with art. I get focused and detailed. When I do my art I feel emotional and passionate and dedicated. My art work builds confidence and it builds character. Down syndrome doesn’t affect my art work. I just show my expressions of being that unique.”
– Dylan Kuehl

Oh, and if this young man isn’t busy enough…He is going to be appearing on PBS Channel 12 on May 14, 2008 in a series called Biz Kids.  The episode, entitled “Choosing a Career” will be about finding the passion that drives and sustains your life.  As Dylan might put it…”Reach for your Dreams and Celebrate Abilities!”

Please see his advertisement pdf here!

Also, please take a few minutes out of your busy day and visit Dylan’s site – DK Arts.  Fill your eyes with Dylan’s beautiful vision of the world and remind yourself that we are all capable of bringing our Passion and Creative Beauty into this world.

Thank you Dylan, and thank you Terri.  You made me a very happy person today!

ps.  Dylan – by the way….your Kung Fu kata video is fantastic!  Great job!!

6 responses to “Thank you Dylan and Terri

  1. She lives. She lives and breathes and is writing.

    THANK GODDESS ABOVE, the Muse is back (are you back, love?)

  2. Yes! Muse? You still there Goddess?

    This is a lovely post – I’m off to check out the site now.

    Sxx 🙂

  3. Overtone says : I absolutely agree with this !

  4. poseidonsmuse


    Hello Grace! Thank you so much for your comment. It was wonderful to see that you had stopped by. I really hadn’t checked this site for some time and had stumbled upon the comment that Dylan’s mom had made. Really, this post was a little bit about dipping my feet back into the writing pool again. I think I will begin writing a little bit (here and there)…I haven’t stopped visiting your site either (the whole time that I was absent, I did keep checking in on you). I will visit shortly too (your last post was lovely and I really needed to read those words). Congratulations on Fauxy Lady too. Good work!

    Hugs (I missed you).

  5. poseidonsmuse


    Oh Goddess girlfriend! It was also so wonderful to hear from you again! I really missed my online girlfriends (so thank you for stopping by). Alot of things have been happening in my life lately and I really needed a break from blogging. I will be writing a little more regularly too – this summer – as I am feeling inspired (the Ego needed a break, now the Heart really needs to speak…so it should be interesting to nurture that fourth chakra of mine). I will visit soon. I missed you.


  6. Missed you too Goddess. I’m glad you had a break. I had one too and really needed it. I’m glad you’ll be back doing some writing 🙂
    Will hop up and read your new post now. I hope all the life happenings have been good ones, and if not, they’ve been healing ones. Love love love x

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