“Perched on a lonely outcrop of rock, she surveyed the expansive landscape stretching out before her.  Quieting her mind, she absorbed the scent of fresh spring grass, and listened to the “Grrrzzzk” of passerby crickets as they hopped from their tiny rose-bush landing pads.  There was a serene sense of warmth and connection in this setting.  She wanted nothing more than the warmth of sun on her face and the idyllic sense of peace beating within her core.  Reclining outstretched upon the grass beneath her, with clouds swirling overhead, she succumbed to the first vespers of sleep.  As the first filmy vestiges unwrapped themselves from her mind, she logged a film-reel movie of images — two hands holding, a mountain range blushing amongst pale clouds, heather scented hills, a river valley made for walking, the soft whispers of voices as they whirled about fallen leaves.  These images of waking consciouness made her realise that she lives, as we all live, in multi-dimensions.  We are Timeless.”

As a child, I could Imagine anything.  My parents would and could afford to give me all of the little gifts and do-dads I requested as a child (within reason), but they fell short on such dreamy requests as, “Mommy, could I please have an Elephant?”, or ponderances of, “What if I could be a Princess for a day?”  Thus, it became my job, as a tiny child, to procure a Universe of Possibilities.  One lazy summer day, while foraging for goodies in a very old log barn on my parent’s property, I encountered a box full of reams of colourful velvet.  Velvet!  Can you imagine the delight in my face as I wrapped the most luxurious indigo cape around my shoulders and walked about my stately court, surveying the various creatures and botanicals in my domain?  I was in love with this fabric and thought myself the luckiest girl alive to have found such a treasure.  Such treasures have included strangely shaped pieces of driftwood, shells, books, vintage articles and various stones.  Now that I am much older and wiser (although I was probably a little too wise for my velvet breeches back then!), I have also added another special treasure to my realm…


Friends are treasures.  Friends are gifts.  I have a few very special people in my life (and some of you may be reading this now) whom I consider to be near and dear to the bright green chakra of my heart (online friends included).  The interlude preceding this little vignette is my way of grounding to the essence of the Eternal Present – that Now Moment that makes my heart sing with Gratitude for the beauty that abounds in my life.  I miss people, love people, yearn for people.  But, I also feel frustrations, boredom and debilitating doubt from time to time too.  Thus, it becomes extremely important for me to tap into that Soul Self and re-centre that person who believes in Possibilities.  As Deepak Chopra once said (during a seminar) – “We live in multi-dimensions all at one time.”  One dimension is the here and now, another dimension is the dream state, another dimension is the state of Alpha meditation and so on.  The great Dreaming, the Possibility keeps me grounded to connectedness, even in moments where I feel as though I am tethered to a helium balloon.  Oh, and the Friends?  They keep the Dreaming in motion.  Synchronicity in it’s simplest form occurs in those Awake moments…and my Friends have opened my eyes to this.

So, friends.  Know that I love you.  Know that I Treasure you and need you in my life.

Know too, from time to time, when I dip into the Yin existence of sleepy thought and subconsciousness…that I will see and meet you there amongst those filmy images.  I am never far away…and I exist in one form or another behind that transparent veil of Ether.


6 responses to “Gratitude

  1. Beautiful, beautiful and so so true. I’ve felt you around lately – the past week you’ve been in my head and I wondered if your magical touch might be extending out through the Ether to gently tap my head soon – and here you are, and how pleased I am!
    I’m glad your heart is singing with Gratitude. Throw that gorgeous goddess head back and SING to the Universe Muse!
    Much love, always,

  2. Opening my email and finding a comment from you lit up this otherwise stormy and rainy day! Like Simonne, I’ve been thinking about you so much lately and feeling an empty spot in my psyche. Sounds like we all connected out there in the great wide open (and probably threw up our hands and did the Happy Dance together, stomping our little feet and exclaiming “THERE you are! I’ve missed you so much!”)

    Glad you’re back, dear heart!

  3. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne and Karen — [[My two lovely Soul Sisters]]. I have been thinking of both of you ALOT lately too! The amazing gifts of Thought and Intention are truly powerful, wouldn’t you agree?! I felt too, as Karen described, a little hole in my Psyche during my absence — as though I had wandered into a slight valley and had lost sight of a few of my dearest friends. Having meandered around, discovering this and that, sniffing here and there, I feel as though I am rejuvenated and refreshed…I think we all need some time away to step away from our patterns and rediscover our Selves. I’m so glad both of you dropped by. Thank you for being there (I truly mean that from the core of my Inner Being!).


  4. poseidonsmuse

    ps. I did do that Happy Dance today too! — it felt utterly amazing!!!!

  5. ((( Muse )))

    Having you back is wonderful….thank you so much for sharing your light with us again, and your thoughts.

    I just finished reading the post just after this (I guess I’m a day behind! lol) The Angel Oracles (my deck sounds slightly different!) Is one of my very favorite decks. They ‘appear’ very simplistic, and I think that some who use cards might feel they’re like riding a tricycle rather than a speed racer 🙂 But you know what? They TOUCH me in such a deeply personal way. Their messages are always so uplifting (even when they are correcting me a bit) and I always feel so loved.

    Gratitude…for you (an earth angel) and them (the unseen ones)…my heart is very full! xoxox

  6. poseidonsmuse

    Hi Grace!

    Hugs back at ya. I’ve missed you too. I empathise with you (re: your tricycle comment). I too had the feeling that I was delving into an antiquated notion when I pondered entertaining thoughts from the Angels (whoever, whatever they may be) — thinking, at least initially, that the archetype was a little antiquated. However, as I am discovering, our journeys are multi-dimensional and sometimes, we could use a little help from from energetics beyond this dimension (ie. from Spirits and Energies that have a slightly more elevated, birds-eye view of the Universe). It seems as though the whispers of Angels have helped me lately. If not for their direct messages, but for the comfort and warmth they bring to my heart.

    Gratitude returned Grace. You too are an Earth Angel and every living creature is sure to feel loved and cradled between your wings.

    Here’s to full hearts and soft angel wings!

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