Receiving Angelic Guidance

I purchased a wonderful book today, entitled “Daily Guidance from Your Angels – 365 Angelic Messages to Soothe, Heal and Open Your Heart”, by Doreen Virtue  Actually, when I stopped into the local shop to purchase a latte, I had intended to buy Doreen’s collection of cards known as the “Ascended Masters”, but realised that alot of the characters/archetypes were already present in her “Goddess Guidance” deck (just a hint for you would-be-card purchasers).  Glancing around the bookshelf, this volume caught my attention and the first affirmation took me by surprise:

Affirmation 1.  “Know that we are always with you”

“You’re never alone, especially in your time of need.  We’re next to you continuously, sending you supportive and healing energy and awaiting your requests for help.  A mere thought on your part — even a passing one-sends us into action on your behalf.”

How beautiful is that? 

Then, as if to confirm my need for light, sunlight, daylight and all things Light!, I flipped to the page where the store-owner had slipped the sales receipt.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Affirmation 317.  “Be Lighthearted”

“A happy heart is healthy, both physically and emotionally.  There’s no such thing as being “overjoyed,” since everyone contains unlimited amounts of happiness.  However, we angels have noticed that some people distrust feeling pleasure, and this is what we’d like to focus on today.”

“Throughout the day, hold the intention of being light-hearted, consciously drawing God’s illumination into your core.  Allow this radiance to feed and nourish your soul.  Emit it wherever you go through your eyes, breath, and the words that you speak so that everyone will receive your gift of joy.”

Prior to reading this, I had decided to escape the dim confines of my home and the demands of the day to take a walk in the sunlight (which has been absent for a while now in my area!), so I was not surprised that my angels were telling me (a child of Light) to get my butt out the door and renew my stores of Vitamin D! 

Not only that, I had encountered unlikely company on my walk this afternoon – a young boy peddled his bike alongside me, seemingly amused by my canine companion and myself as we meandered about the park.  He seemed a bit of a lonely sort – only 6 (as I had learned), but all serious and mud covered as he sped off of the trail every now and then to challenge a landscaped mound or a small ditch.  This young child reminded me of the frailty of youth and the need to retain that sense of wonder and light-heartedness as an adult.

Life is full of gifts and messages.  We just need to be open to receiving them.  Remember the Hathors.  They help to guide and heal, they offer messages and they want us to learn how to receive them with gratitude.  I believe that the Hathors are some of the very angels that Doreen communes with.

So, with your permission, I send all of my Light-heartedness your way today – and may you always glow and shine with all of your Light.


4 responses to “Receiving Angelic Guidance

  1. I so love it when we’re given signs right when we need them. How perfectly joyous for you.
    I nearly didn’t buy the Ascended Masters deck for the same reason, but I am glad I did as it fast became my second favourite (after the Goddesses of course) and prompted me to establish a wonderful connection with Ganesh, who cleared the path for my writing to be recently recognised, I’m quite sure of that.
    Thanks for sending the Light forward 🙂

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Hi Simonne!

    You know, now that I am living with increased Consciousness (ie. I am sleepwalking LESS nowadays!!!), I have increased awareness not only of the signposts that have cropped up in the last two years or so, but I am becoming more cognisant of the signposts that have lead me to this point now (ie. patterns, events and people etc. that have influenced me in this early life and others prior to this one…!). You know, now that you mention that you find the Ascended Masters deck valuable, I might just give it a chance too! Ganesh you say? I love that little Elephant-y guy (so cute and cuddly he is) and if he can spark your Bardette to set Quill to paper (or fingers to keyboard), then perhaps I should give his trunk a tug too! Hugs Love. Talk to you soon!

  3. Muse – (may I call you that for a beautiful short?)

    I love this post because it reminds me of how wonderful it is when spirit magically inserts itself and engages you in ‘aware moments of recognition’ of its light and guidance in your life! Sometimes I’m so self-absorbed, I miss the moments and realize them only in the afterthought. Thanks for the lighthearted reminder!

    By the way, Muse, there is an important discussion brewing on my Path blog about women, healing and forgiveness. I would really love it if you would stop by and share your feelings, thoughts and insights. It’s my latest post.

    Thank you, lady!


  4. Melana!

    You may certainly call me Muse for short! Like yourself, I am getting better at Accepting the Love of the Universe in all it’s guises. I really pay attention these days and find that my Awareness makes me feel wonderfully alive!!!!

    I would love to visit your site too and get involved with your discussion — thank you for the invitation. Like many women, I have an intimate connection to healing and forgiveness and would love to share some of my feelings, thoughts and insights with yourself and others. I will visit soon! Blessings!


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