The G-Word

Earth ChakrasI have a female Soul Mate who is turning 33 today.  Gasp!  I am so excited for her too, and have a little care package that I need to send her in preparation for the wonderful year of Abundance that she has in store for her.  When I turned 33, a miraculous window of Realisation opened up for me.  Through this window marched an eclectic parade of metaphysical concepts, metaphors and magical moments that have continually left me in Awe.  Each day, I wake up feeling more Alive and Refreshed than the previous day.  I Feel more, I Love more, and I simply just AM more!  Hurray for the number 33 – the number of Christ Consciousness.

As Synchronicity would have it, I encountered a magazine article the other day in a local publication that made me sigh in Appreciation.  I have a scientific background in the natural sciences (if you’ve followed me around the net, you probably gleaned this already) and have struggled from an early age (in a rather Darwinian manner) on the crickety rope bridge that links Science and Spirituality.  What I read in this article, in addition to some of the books that I have been reading lately (including Fritjof Capra’s “The Web of Life”), gives me some hope for the future of our species and this planet.  Allow me to elaborate.

Biocomplexity.  Patternism.  Anti-reductionism.  These words are now being tossed about the scientific community with much excitement these days.  Oh sure, there are still the odd, pragmatic types that are generally pish-poshing the idea that Science and Spirituality cannot exist within the same Metaphysical sphere, but increasing evidence for the existence of “God” or Consciousness (aka Spirit) in the Universe is very real and is now being supported by scientific research.  Patternism and Biocomplexity is a perfect example of this.  Oh, am I rambling?  The article that got my mind whirling in Anticipation was all abuzz with a review of Dr. Stuart Kauffman’s (University of Calgary professor and founder of the Institute for Biocomplexity and Informatics) new book “Reinventing the Sacred – A New View of Science, Reason, and Religion“.  This book is sure to be one of my “must-reads” of the summer.

So, what is all of the hype about?  Why do bloggers such as myself, Anthony North and the virtual Goddesses (Grace, Simonne and Karen) experience the tingling of neurons when they discuss Synchronicity, Patternism, Energy, Light (ie. Winks from the Universe)?  Here is just one example to get you thinking about the “Big Picture”:

The Flower of Life – an ancient symbol that is built on repeating geometrical patterns (coincidentally, the “Jesus Fish” or Vesica Pisces as one of it’s simplest building block patterns – which also represents the electromagnetic spectrum of light).  From this hexagonally derived symbol, we can build increasingly multi-dimensional geometric shapes that represent many, if not all of Nature’s complex and natural life forms (think of a snake’s hexagonal skin pattern, the geometrics of a strawberry, the spiralling shell of a conch).  An more obvious example of this would be a dividing human egg, which divides in a consistent 3-D manner to form a Flower of Life shape.  It is supposed that from the Flower of Life Symbol, other symbols evolved – the Qabalastic Tree of Life, the Free Mason compass, square and “G”, the Torus drawings of Da Vinci…etc.  In other words, there is a conscious type of pattern arising from apparent chaos.  Awareness of this pattern is deemed Christ Consciousness (think Buddha, Christ and other Ascended Masters).

Now, assuming that the natural world is built upon this phenomenon (from the tiniest cell to the structure of the Earth itself), the most compelling “application” of the Tree of Life (at least for me) is the drawing placed in the upper left portion of this post.  This drawing is of the Earth with the Tree of Life superimposed on top of it.  This diagram has been used to explain the Earth’s Spiritual Centres or Chakras and corresponds to the various ley lines and sacred site placements on this planet.  Where do you live?  Have you visited any of these areas and felt special energy emanating from these places?  Personally speaking, I have visited a few of these hotspots, and at least for me, I feel drawn to these places — notice the “hotspots” off the coast of Florida (at least one area theorised to have been inhabited by Atlanteans), the “Ley-lines” over the area of the Southwestern US in Arizona, and if you can twist your eyes around the upper right portion of the drawing — the sacred sites and standing stone locations located upon the heaths and fields in the UK.

Consciousness.  Spiralling Consciousness.  33 degrees of Masonry.  Christ’s 33 year of Enlightenment.  33 Right-Handed Degree of DNA rotation.  These are just a few of the reasons why my non-reductionist heart can finally take a large breath of fresh air and feel ALIVE as the Earth pulses with all of her heart chakra energy, and one of the reasons why I feel as though I can finally cross that narrow bridge between Spirituality and Science (and feel a little more supported and whole-istic in my beliefs as opposed to bobbing about like a ship without an anchor).  This is one more reason why I no longer tend to believe in Conspiracy, but Spirit!  Thanks friends, for being part of my Conscious awakening, and thanks for walking with me on this joyous Journey of Life.

So Happy Birthday D!  I love you with all my heart girlfriend!  May you continue to find Strength, Happiness and the fulfillment of Ascension on your Spiritual Journey; whether you are paddling serenely along a lake or singing sweet hymns to your flowers.


8 responses to “The G-Word

  1. Amazing, your mind has boggled my mind. Happy Birthday, D! Yayayaya, By the way, Ms Muse, if you go dashboard, users, my profile, scroll down to contact info and enter your URL, I and others won’t have to google you to find you after your gracious commenting. Your writing and thinking is mind boggling, distinctive and alive,

  2. Hi Paul! Thanks for visiting (and thank you for your gracious comments about my writing — it’s a work in progress ‘ya know!!!!)! Anyways, I hope you make a habit of spreading some of your literary wit and wisdom in this direction from time to time (you are an amazing writer yourself, and I thoroughly enjoy your style).

    Oh, I took your advice and made it a little easier to find me too (don’t know how that happened, I had just always assumed that people could link on my name and find my blog!!!!). So, thanks for that!

  3. A beautiful and expressive post. Come to think of it, I think my spirituality started blossoming at about age 33 as well! Also thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog Quantum Leaps. Want to add each other to our blog rolls?

  4. Hi Jackalope!

    I would love to add your blog Quantum Leaps to my blogroll – consider it done! Thank you for stopping by and contributing your lovely comment too. So you discovered a blossoming of spirituality at the age of 33 too? Why am I not surprised by that [grin]?! The number 3 is such a powerful one, as I have learned. Here’s to Synchronicity and Awareness!

  5. OK…I am seriously losing my mind. I could have sworn I commented on this post on Monday. LOL YIKES 😛

    I started to tell you how often I’ve been seeing 333 lately (ok..and 555), and spirals EVERYWHERE. The Flower of Life is amazing…as is the whole Pi thing. Frankly, I can’t quite wrap my head around all of it…so what I try to do these days is just pay attention.

  6. Beautiful post. Indeed, one of many ways to attain Christ Consciousness. I am just left to wonder, have you read Conversations with God (by Neale Donald Walsch)?
    If you haven’t, you’ll find the amazing similarities to many things you are interested in… 🙂

  7. Hi Grace,

    Regardless of whether you think you are losing your mind or not (and I’m sure you are just fine!), I’m glad you stopped by and commented to this post!!! Lol! I remember awhile back (say, a few months ago), you were also seeing alot of 4’s too (am I right?). Well, at that time, I was seeing alot of 3’s and now I am seeing the 4’s that you so cherished…and guess what? I’ve discovered the messages of Angels! Today’s affirmation was – “Be patient and kind to yourself” [something that I am getting better at!].

    3.14159265….back at ya!


  8. Vaniz!

    Thanks for your dewdrop of Kindness and Appreciation! I will have to read Conversations with God. Thanks so much for that recommendation!

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