A Rumi Moment

Some of the most Illuminating moments have been borne from the Mystical wombs of Serendipity and Synchronicity.

Listening to a late night University radio station, the name “Coleman Barks” wafted across the radio-waves, and with it, the unsuspecting tones of a Southern Accent revering the empassioned words of Rumi.  I was transfixed and Transformed like an Ovidian heroine.

You will love this man’s Voice and his Soul.  He Breathes Life to the Consciousness of Rumi and he inspires us with his Grace and Dignity.

“What was said to the Rose…”


9 responses to “A Rumi Moment

  1. Ahh, just beautiful!! I listened and then I listened again, my eyes closed. Just the sweet, simple joy of his words, spoken so eloquently, made my lips smile and my heart sing. Thank you for such a wonderful gift this day…


  2. Hi Melana!

    I’m so glad you stopped by today! Thank you for taking the time to enjoy the beauty of Rumi with me. Yes, I completely agree with you – there is something quite magical about Coleman’s interpretation of each Rumi poem too. His particular style of reading – his choice of rhythm and cadence, and his directly personal way of connecting to each word is like a revelation. Closing your eyes while listening?! Brilliant idea! I found myself doing this too as I listened to the words – and found myself swept up by the magic of Rumi joy. There is another Rumi poem that I would like to share with you sometime soon too…this one brings tears to my eyes.


  3. Oh Muse, thank you! How beautiful!

  4. Interesting juxtaposition of the wonderfully rhythmic southern accent (like honey!) speaking the ancient words of Rumi. Lovely!

    BTW – I love that you’re writing again. Muchos besos, Muse!

  5. OK, just testing the old avatar here. WordPress snuck in some changes while I’ve been remodeling the house, which calls for some remodeling of the blog!

  6. Simonne

    Wow! Did this one leave you a little breathless too? I listened to it again this morning with ecstatic enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing the beauty of this wonderful creation with me! Hugs!!!!!

  7. Karen

    Ah! The wavy, colourful lady avatar is back! Thank goodness. I wondered if you had joined the Eclectic Patchwork Quilt Society while I was on vacation (re: your geometric Avatar)! WordPress made a few changes while I was away too – some for the better, some for the worse. I do appreciate the new format and I’ve yet to navigate all of the new features – but all in all, I am glad to have a slightly improved platform on which to write.

    About Rumi. I think your description of “honey” is perfect. There is something so unexpected about hearing Coleman’s Southern drawl empathetically draw the sincerity of emotion and passion from Rumi’s works. It is unexpected, and it works. Coleman has been praised for his translation of Persian Poetry, as he has delivered the Universality of Rumi’s works to the Western world – and has enforced the concept of shared humanity and Divine Passion. What a gift this has been to the literary and spiritual world.

    Thanks for stopping by. [[[[Hugs]]]]. I would like to see how your renovations are coming along and will stop by shortly for a visit!

  8. Muse –

    You’re welcome, my pleasure! I would love to read (or hear) the Rumi poem you speak of whenever you have a moment to share it!

    In my heart,


  9. Hi Gorgeous!

    You just slid your comment into my inbox as I was writing my last post. Thank you so much for stopping by today! I will post that Rumi video very soon – just for you Melana. I will likely get to that tomorrow if that’s ok.


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