Moment of Serenity

This one was promised to Melana…

 “There is something else, some other way of Knowing, some deeper part of our Being, that knows we are not in Grief, that knows we are in Eternity; that sings out of that — that’s the Mystery that cannot be said…”

~Coleman Barks

4 responses to “Moment of Serenity

  1. Oh, Muse –

    I sit here in tears with no words.

    Thank you from the deepest most soulful place in my heart for your thoughtfulness, your generosity of spirit and your nurturing, loving ways.

    I’m going to sleep now, perhaps to dream..

    With love and gratitude


  2. Very True! I loved this quote. Sometimes when we are in grief there is always a feeling inside me that it is going to over and some deeper part that we are not in grief.

    It is just amazing quote!

  3. “When lovers moan, they’re telling our stories..” Sigh 🙂

    Thanks Muse xxx

  4. Melana – I’m glad you liked this piece…as it seems to vibrate with the frequency of your Divine being. Much love to you today and always. By the way, I visited your site the other day and your most recent work gave me goosebumps (I will visit again very soon and comment…). Blessings!

    Neilina – I’m so happy to see you! Yes, this quote reminds me that I still get a little hung up in my Fourth Chakra sometimes, and that Knowing and Remembering can bring us back to the great Source of happiness, bliss and Love.

    Simonne – Hi Sweetie! So glad to see that you are back safe and sound. I have visited you within the last few days too, but didn’t have much time to make a coherent comment! Yes, I loved that line too (“When lovers moan, they are telling our stories” – actually – if you listen to “Love Dogs” by Rumi (recanted by Coleman), you’ll get quite another feeling of Divine Passion too (it is a magnificent work in and of itself). Hugs to you today and everyday Simonne…xoxo

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