Vintage It Is…

The dearth lack of impressionable designs available through WordPress had me sigh today [sigh].  So, the “Vintage” Janteri theme it is, I’m afraid, until something spectacular this way comes (design wise, that is).

What can I say?  As usual, I am surfacing after a bit of away-time (which was much needed).  This summer truly forced me to re-prioritise my time and the Blog was the first thing to go.  I did not stop writing or creating, I just didn’t spill my creativity or energy onto the computer screen.  Thank you to a few souls for checking in on me from time to time too (Paul in particular).

Perhaps a few of my writings will end up in this space.  I may even decide to make the Blog private for some time too (so let me know if you want a password or not over the next little while). 

I hope that everyone is finding some Joy in their little corner of the World.

Peace and Happiness,



4 responses to “Vintage It Is…

  1. Peace and happiness to you too. It is great to hear that you are well. I like your theme but I agree a few more options would be cool. I would like a passowrd if you decide to hide. Welcome back, you are wonderful, anyone who is muse to Posiedon God of the Sea and lives in a Mermaid Tavern must be special.

  2. [Big smile]. Wow. You are an absolute Darling Paul – and one of a very few Bloggers who could actually bring tears (of Joy and Appreciation) to my eyes. I have to admit that I am sniffling a little bit here (but that’s ok because you just made my day…).

  3. So glad to hear we’ve both been exploring our inner muses together! I’m tiptoeing back through blogs very, very quietly but needed to leave a VERY VOCAL HELLO to my blogging heart, my Muse. Life continues to delight and entertain me as I’m sure it does you.

    I think of you often, usually while gazing at the stars or looking at a map of Canada!

  4. Hi Karen! Wow, it is so amazing to hear from you!!!! How have you been Love? I’ve been a bit of a tip-toer lately too (and I’m so happy you decided to share you lovely voice with me today). I am going to make it over to your blog soon to see what you’ve been up to. I’ve thought of you often and missed you dearly. Lots of love…

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