All Life Is Precious

 “You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
       – Anonymous



7 responses to “All Life Is Precious

  1. Gorgeous and perfect.

  2. Very Nice! Pic is just wonderful!

  3. Paul – Thank you for visiting and thank you for your comments! There is a story to this picture. This fawn, Rupert, (he is sleeping) lost his mother to a tragic car accident that ended her life. The little fawn (quite young, almost premature) was taken to a wildlife rehabilitation hospital for care…and he is doing rather well despite his tiny size and the loss of his mum. I loved this pic – it truly is precious.

    Neilina – Hi there! Nice to see you – I’m glad you appreciated the photo. Isn’t he the cutest little creature. Life truly is precious!

  4. Just found your wonderful world, and I am very happy that I have!
    My blog is
    I will return!

    your friend,


  5. Oh, Song! Where did you go?! Did you fly away to another nest? Let me know if you have started another blog and I will visit you there.

  6. Yes!!! I did! I have this tendency to create a blog…and then, just like a mandala I wipe it away. I have to admit the last one, was very difficult to let go of, but well, I did it anyway….

    well now, I have a new location which hopefully I will keep a little longer.

    and I put your lotus of light on the sidebar!!

    Anyway I love it here at your place. I wish you great happiness..dear muse.

  7. Song – thank you for the update and the link. I hope to visit with you soon…

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