Some Universal Lovin’ (aka Universal Nonsense)

Is there still time to celebrate Paul’s birthday?  Good, because I’m sipping Rum and Eggnog and don’t want to feel a tad bit of guilt!  Oh, too, I also thought of adding a little more ambiance to my evening but failed miserably because I lack the masculine sensibilities that allow me to spark a pilot light for my gas fireplace.  Oh well.   The cinnamon candle in the Tiffany style holder will have to do!

I wonder if I should continue blogging if I’m admittedly under the influence of said Rum and Eggnog?  Yes.  I know it’s a little early for eggnog, but I couldn’t control myself.  Darnit.  I will continue blogging…It would still be better for me to continue as a half-inebriated Canadian than a monkey banging a baseball bat on an electric typewriter.

Ha! [if you are interested in comparing the dimwit psychology of a brain-dead monkey tapping on a keyboard to that of an overeducated and partially inebriated half-wit…read on!].


Now…the concept of the “Universe” has been an intriguing one for many people that are adept at delving into the realm of Spirituality, paranormal occurrences, Tarot, Qabbalah and the like (need I go on?).  An interesting discussion with one nameless, faceless person last year had me defending my vision of the Universe as that place which is often described as the endless void of possibility in a spiritual sense.  I’m not a large proponent of The Secret, but I do aspire to believing that Energy is, as it will always be, a reality – like the Law of Gravity or the concept of Mendelian genetics and heritability (with a few exceptions).  Sir Isaac Newton was not a clodhopping maggot.

Woo.  Deep thoughts by a half-inebriated human.  Is the monkey catching up to me?  Let’s see…

kakjlakjlfkj;aknvjweu0eknlfa/lsdfijQVNO E=mc2 [kerplunka, kerplunka…].

Shit.  I think the monkey is on to something.  E=mc2?  Seriously???! Could someone give this monkey a shot of Prozac or something?  Or…at least pop a few invasive electrodes on his head and subject him to a variety of tests?

Ahem.  Now where was I?  Oh, too, I also think that the “other” more scientific definition of the Universe is an obviously valid one, in that it truly is a vast, almost incomprehensible and infinite region that defies all human linear comprehension.  Having said all of this, despite the scientific Hawkingesque approach one may take to understanding the Universe, the popular understanding of our vast Lady likely stems from Mr. Roddenberry himself.  I am sure that Captain Kirk was less interested with the theory of relativity than obtaining multiple pieces of hot alien booty as he travelled from one sex pod to another.  Did I really say that?  Give the monkey a high-five for me.  Star Trek rules.

Let’s gyrate to the holy hymn of Star Trek shall we?  Ohura was one sexy mama.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Shake those hips!

Ok.  This leads me to tonight’s short piece (however nonsensical it may be).  It is a piece that is dedicated, not only to those kinkophiles cruising the Universe in too-tight silvery tights, spouting INTP Vulcan misnomers, but to those less repressed individuals who are in touch with both their feminine and masculine sides.

The Universe is sexless.  She is a He and He is a She that really is an “It”.  The Universe accepts all forms of sexy and reciprocates with equal charm as we shall see (ever hear of a Gooeyduck?).

Holy mama.  Is it getting hot in here, or did I just witness a Solar flare?

“A darkened void shudders the possibility and flutter of butterfly wing

With ripple effect upon your celestial skin neither milky soft, nor gruff

Breathless sighs magnetised to orbiting delights and craters of lunarscape

Dark and light sides of a blissful polarity so demure yet ravishing…”

Oh Hell.  Loving the Universe is a monumental task.  Give the brainy monkey my Rum and Eggnog and “Live Long and Prosper!”


5 responses to “Some Universal Lovin’ (aka Universal Nonsense)

  1. Haha, your theory of the universe as something which contains monkeys, rum and laughter is one with which I fully concur. Bottoms up, as they say in Rome. And the great wave of Kanagawa is a wonderful header image, especially when sailing on an eggnog sea. Thankyou for my birthday wishes too. Happy hangover!

  2. “sailing on an eggnog sea…”

    Just love that visual of my little ship bobbing up and down on some nutmeg-y goodness.

    I don’t know what got into me when I wrote this one. I blame the eggs.

    [by the way…I did have a headache the next day]

  3. Dear Muse,
    I believe you have revealed to me, what it is that draws me to certain people. It is how they use words. Funny. I never knew that til now, and I should have. Sometimes, I almost hear, the voice of the writer.
    in between the lines and words..a soul emerges…
    and floats in my consciousness.
    On my blog there is this piece played by Sviatislov Richter, that for all intents and purposes, is unappealing. Then somewhere in the middle of the song, this wholeness, this silence emerges..a noumenal occasion…in a phenomenal world..
    Yes, dear Muse, you have this presence about you..precious and sublime, fully noumenal, as heaven is to some.


  4. Ah, I’ve missed these Mermaidy musings! Hello lovely 🙂

    Hi Simonne! – I’m not posting as regularly as I used to, nor am I visiting much these days…but I hope you’ve been well and had a great time with your writing residency. When I get some time, I need to visit and see what else you have been up to. You are in my thoughts…

  5. (((( Muse )))) Hello, lovely Mermaid! This brought a smile to my face and some saliva to my mouth, dreaming of sharing a Nog with ya 😉

    Hope you are well….hugs and kisses from the Left Coast!

    Hugs and kisses returned Grace. Wonderful to see your cute little tennis shoes in these parts. I hope you had a wonderful Holiday and I wish you an Abundant and Love filled New Year. Cheers girlie. xoxo

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