New Year Reconciliations

I hope that everyone had a Happy Holiday and a pleasant New Year.  I was not absent from this place and I’m sure a trail of my footprints could be identified as I silently knocked upon each of your doors over the last month or so.  I have retreated to the silence so to speak, and a little more willing to learn from the simple act of Observing.

I found myself hunkering down beside the fireplace this Christmas, recapitulating the past year’s events…the growth, the tears, the frustrations, the accomplishments and everything in between.  I have discovered much about myself and others and have decided that my Resolutions will be positive and realistic:

I shall honour and attempt to balance my life with harmony, love and satisfying interactions between myself and the environment in which I live, breath and grow.

I am going to honour myself with friends and relationships that ground me.  The flow of Qi Energy must be balanced with equal forces of creation and removal.  Right now, I require more construction and less destruction.  Too, I need more of the element – Earth –  in my life.  It is a grounding force and a necessity.

I shall not endeavour to be a Soul who may be predated upon by those who sap my energy with destructive feelings of jealousy, control or distrust.  Boundaries are essential to happy relationships. 

I shall seek the Truth and the Light without allusory metaphors or allegorical gimmicks.  Archetypal relationships shall be entered with solemnity, after Truth and Trust has been established.  Then and only then will I defend the mission of that relationship and enter the realm of the Sacred Mythic.

Much Love, Light and Energy to my friends.  I hope you seek and discern the messages of your loving Angels this year as you journey along your paths and receive the necessary guidance to live the Life you choose.  We each have within us, a Spark of something magical, and the net of Indra is waiting for us to enliven others with our Shine.  Each of us are unique and require various elements, experiences and energies to grow.  It is my wish for each of you to seek and find your true Divinity in this life, if you so choose.

Blessed Be.


7 responses to “New Year Reconciliations

  1. (smile)

    warmest regards,


    Hi Song. Thanks for your visit….Warm regards returned…

  2. I’ve missed you….its so wonderful to read your words again.

    When I read your comment about wanting “construction” rather than “deconstruction”, my heart went ZING! That’s it for me, too….I feel I’ve spent so much time over the last many years – dissecting myself, ridding myself, letting go….that I felt somewhat empty.

    These days I’m doing so much grounding….I’ve been drawn back into my kitchen (the new one is really set up nice!)…back into the garden. I’m not ready anything “spiritual”, per se…well, picked up a modern version of the N.T., which I’ve been using. But no cards…nothing! It’s like I need to remember who I am in a physical sense…and it’s been great, really!

    I hope this new year provides all that you long for, Muse!

    Hi Grace. I’m glad to see that you are blogging once again. I have visited your site on occasion to poke about and catch up with you…but have really not been able to get back into the swing of writing lately. My life and work certainly has taken me away from writing too…which is good [in a sense]…because, like you, I feel as though I needed to re-group, and re-ground and centre myself again so-to-speak. Here’s to 2009…and best of wishes to you Grace…

  3. The construction vs deconstruction thing got me too. Hello beautiful ones… xx

    Thanks Simonne! Wonderful to see your smiling face and read your words of encouragement…Hugs…

  4. observantbystander

    My own life is a series of ups and downs and not much in between. It’s my current musing.

    I miss you. Even though we’re on our own paths, you’re frequently in my thoughts, Muse.

    Hey – Lost starts on Wednesday night here…

  5. I am so glad to see you’ve returned. I had just discovered your fabulous home here (via signmom at Cycles of Transition) right before your hiatus, and I’m looking forward to visiting often!

    May this new year be full of blessings for you!

    Hi Aerolin! Nice to see that you decided to check in on me. My apologies for not writing a little more since this last post (and for my tardy reply)…I hope you are doing well and basking in some of the positive Year of the Ox energy in 2009!

  6. Those all sound like very serious and important endeavours. It’s a pity one of them wasn’t, “I shall post in my blog more regularly so people can enjoy my presence more often.” Haha, hope you are having fantabulous day.

    Hi Paul. I deserved that….

  7. Amen to that Paul………

    I hope the same…that Muse is having a “fantabulous day”


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