About Poseidon’s Muse

Ok.  So why would a professional, thirty-something woman call herself Poseidon’s Muse?  Good question.  As the years flicker by like ghostly video clips on a billowing curtain of linen, I see a particularly constant theme in the movie reel that is my life.  That theme is water.  I was born under a water sign, I spent most of my childhood and adult years near water and I continually choose activities that bring me closer to warm oceanic currents or cold glacial springs.  In addition, I am a very creative artist (and I dabble with writing when the Muse speaks) and I adore painting with words.  I do not live in London, although I would like to visit the “Sceptred Isle” one day.  I am in love with Keats and Donne, hence my allusion to the Mermaid Tavern.  Deeply spiritual at times, my ramblings will occasionally dip into the deeper waters of Zen and Buddhism from time to time.  I have a profound respect and fascination for world culture, art, literature and religion.  Hopefully this weblog will pay tribute to the finer aspects of humanity as it becomes part of the greater collective consciousness of Cyberspace.


16 responses to “About Poseidon’s Muse

  1. In reference to the Mermaid Tavern: Are you familiar with Joni Mitchell’s Blue album? The song, Carey, is about her time spent on the Greek isle of Matala where she lived briefly in a hippie commune. She references the (now defunct) Mermaid Cafe where they all hung out. I heard that song this morning and thought of you!

  2. Observant – Wow! I AM familiar with Joni Mitchell’s Blue Album (and funny enough – I just bought “Hits” off of iTunes not that long ago!). You have got to see the cover photo for “Hits” too by the way – if you haven’t seen it yet – here’s the link (that lady has one great sense of humour!).


    Ha! She’s one witty chick. Anyways’s I love the song “Carey” – one of my favourites and I remember the line about the Mermaid Cafe (funny – I should have thought you a Joni Fan too!):

    “Come on down to the Mermaid Cafe
    and I will buy you a bottle of wine
    and we’ll laugh and toast to nothing
    and smash our empty glasses down….”

    Have you checked out her official website yet?! Her paintings are fantastic – she’s truly an inspiration…


    “If l had my way
    I’d just walk through those doors
    And wander
    Down the champs elysees
    Going cafe to cabaret
    Thinking how Ill feel when I find
    That very good friend of mine…”

    You made my day!!!!!!


  3. You sound a bit like a kindred spirt, just reading this! I found your site through OB – looks great 🙂

  4. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – Welcome to the Mermaid Tavern (and to Blogland in general – your site is very refreshing)! Your bright presence is most welcome here in this dimly lit, but cozy abode. Thank you for your comments (and for posting).

    Let us link, share, laugh and cry together….as we imbibe on literary ambrosia.

    Kindred Spirits indeed!

  5. Sounds like fun to me!

  6. Your writing’s beautiful! Am adding you to my blogroll. Look forward to exploring more of your blog in the coming days. Hope the Muse speaks often!

  7. poseidonsmuse

    Spiritwoman – Welcome to our humble little community! Thank you for your wonderful comment (I adore your writing too by the way!). Perhaps we can invoke the Muse together (the energy at all of our sites seems to be growing these days). I (we all) look forward to hearing more from you. Thank you for visiting (and please visit often!).

  8. It is very interesting how you chose the name. I am going to try and follow your thought pattern and come up with one for myself.
    The theme is great, but any theme you use if fine by me, I come for your thoughts. I thank you for sharing those.

    Hi Bill! Long time, no see. How have you been feeling lately? Thanks for your comments too…I do like the theme…And, as far as the name goes – I guess it mostly has to do with my affinity for water…

  9. maybe… as I like your tree of life image, you would like my cards. my blog is here at 94 stranger and the cards are at http://www.rainringcards.com I asked them which one is you, so if you’re not sure, hit the link below and if it does nothing for you, look no further – how’s that?


    P.S. My excuse is that Rainring is English!

    Fascinating! I almost mistook your comment as spam initially…Sorry. Then I ventured forth and visited your site. I am intrigued to say the least. I will peruse your cards. Thank you for stopping by. Namaste.

  10. Ok I’m here via the rolling post from Nanny’s nook! I like it here…very comfortable. You have been added to the blogroll for future “dips” in the wonderful world you have created for us to enjoy.

    Hi There Cowgalutah!!! Nice to have you – take a seat and put your feet up a while! I’m quite the hostess you know (or so I’ve been told…)!

    ps. Back atcha with the Blogrolling bit…You’ve been Side-barred!

  11. constantwaterman

    From The Journals of Constant Waterman


    What is it with sailboats, anyway? Why do they drag us away from our homes and force us to take them sailing? Is it wanderlust or a sense of adventure or merely dissatisfaction with our residing on dry land? The answer is “Yes.”

    But I find that, in addition to these, something runs deeper. That same emotion that moves you when you watch the endless surf drag back the shingle, or watch the endless stream divide the coppice, moves you while reaching over the rollers, mile after mile. A feeling of the infinite; a feeling that life goes on, no matter what; a feeling of being a part of this world’s pulse.

  12. poseidonsmuse


    Your poetry and your words are aquatic in every sense. Thank you for sharing bits of your journal here today. My watery soul echoes your sentiments.

  13. constantwaterman


    check out oceanmag.org – also a print publication in which I hope to be published this fall. just back from the islands and hoping to get back aboard my sailboat, MoonWind, in Connecticut. visit me at http://www.constantwaterman.com

    recently drew a stylized illustration of Father Poseidon – hope to make it the cover of my next book. check it out at http://www.windchecklis.com – a sailing magazine for southern New England in which I have a column.

    Constant Waterman

  14. Hi CWman – nice to have another visit from you…

  15. Rigved Korgaonkar

    I appreciate your style of expression. Wonderful:)
    I would like to invite you to my blogs at

    Love and Light, Rigved Korgaonkar

  16. Hi, I see we have some common interests and are both INTPs. That’s how I found you online, looking for INTP blogs to see if I can find some people who’d like to join the discussion at our mailing list discussion group at http://www.intp-list.org/ . The list has been around for about seven years but it needs some new perspectives and I hope you’ll join us!

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