Awards and Embellishments

I just thought that I would create a special page for some of the nice gestures that have been thrown my way on occasion.  This is more to recognise the importance of friends and community than anything else.  A special thank you for the intention and kindness behind these gestures.  Although I am certainly not expecting any other flashy little emblems…it’s a nice place to put this fine little button:

From Grace at The Wild Pomegranate (love you Grace – your Goddess wisdom and strength is inspiring).  To me, this little emblem speaks less about “I’m Fabulous” [as in PM is fabulous] – than *you*, my readers and friends are fabulous.  We are fabulous together…and I’m honoured that we can cherish and enjoy each other in this sacred little community!).  Here’s to everyone being Fabulous!:



On January 1, 2008, I decided to create the Lotus of Light avatar as a means of celebrating the blossoming of friendship, creativity and inspiration.  This is my own personal way of celebrating the beginning of a New Year whilst thanking the many creative hearts, minds and souls that continue to inspire me.  The Lotus of Light avatar is meant to be shared and enjoyed – a tiny piece of art for your sidebar or other webpage.  It was made to be shared with the intentions of Love, Peace and Understanding.  Like the unfolding petals of a lotus blossom…may we continue to reveal our beautiful treasures to one another…one delicate petal at a time….

[Wordpress sidebar sized version below]


[Slightly larger version for blogposts etc.]





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