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When You’re Absolute Beginners…

Zion presented me with a panoramic view and I surveyed her land like a Spiritual broker; hell-bent on laying claim to the buried flecks of gold birthed beneath her stony ground.  I saw numbers in road signs and watched the highway blur beyond hot tears as a desert sunset reflected hot purply-pink across my cornea.  Mining for gold is a fool’s bane, but I was in love with staking land claims.

If cliches are the False Self’s sense of expropriating “knowledge” to bury more of the Soul’s gold, then “the more I learn and the more I experience, the less I truly know,” cliche is not such a bad mantra afterall.  I pondered these thoughts as the Medicine Man placed his vibrational tuning fork to my chest.  The metal hummed and whirred to the frequency of a tiny sparrow.

“You’re an Absolute Beginner,” he grimaced as he replaced the fork, chiming it once again with more verve and gusto.  A slight hum, whirr, and an audible “click” emanated from the device.  Ironically, the handle was gold.  I choked a sigh of relief.

The Medicine Man patted me on the back and whistled as he strode across the park.  His leather shoes made a slight squeaking sound as each foot pounded the earth.


La Carta del Rosa – Separe Uno de Tres (Pt.1 of 3)


[This 3 part piece partially inspired by “Paper Aeroplane” Angus and Julia Stone]

Bursting with Joy

This song needs to be sung by every woman with a Dream…[I sang this song until my heart burst yesterday….].

Thank you Aeracura, Sedna and Ixchel.


Canadian Giftshop

You really can’t get more Canadian than the Tragically Hip.  When you listen to their musical decadence, you can’t help but get enchanted with Gordon Downie’s surreal and poetic lyrics.  Gord’s mesmerising way of pulling you into his soul renders you along a soulful journey into the heart of a Canadian soul.  You can’t helped but get whisked away to that prairie sunset, or that perfectly secluded little spot along that rushing riverbank, as the moon rises over your campfire and winks at you from the distant horizon.  The Hip, as we loving refer to them, remind us of what it means to be human, let alone Canadian, and this band should be considered one of our country’s official national treasures.

As you might have guessed, The Tragically Hip IS my favourite Canadian rock band.  Gordon Downie is a true poet, the band members are amazing, and I am proud to say that I have seen these boys in concert three times.  The best concert venue that I ever had the privilege to hear them play at was “Another Roadside Attraction at an outdoor venue” in the East (at the base of a mountain no less!).  I can tirelessly play their music (old and new) and know that it will make me ponder, reflect upon and be thankful for my quintessential Canadian existence.  Oh, and if you weren’t born North of the 49th, that’s ok.  The Hip have a very loyal fan base in the States.  No surprise!

I hope that some of you find this song as moving as I do.  It is one of my favourites.

[This song is for you Sherry].

Gift Shop

The beautiful lull, the dangerous tug
We get to feel small from high up above
And after a glimpse over the top
The rest of the world becomes a gift shop

The pendulum swings for the horse like a man
Out over the rim is ice cream to him
The beautiful lull, the dangerous tug
we get to feel small but not out of place at all
We’re forced to bed but we’re free to dream
All us human extras, all us herded beings
And after a glimpse over the top
The rest of the world becomes a gift shop

I don’t know what to believe, sometimes I even forget
And if it’s a lie, terrorists made me say it
The beautiful lull, the dangerous tug
We get to feel small from high up above
From high up above

-The Tragically Hip


Cooking Up Some Passion

Congratulations to Venus on her new blog – Goddess in the Kitchen!  Way to follow your passion V!  I can’t wait to learn more about your culinary interests as your blog unfolds like that beautiful lotus blossom on your new dishes.  I love the name of the blog too.  Very fitting!

All this talk of passion and food got me thinking about a few of my own passions – Art, Writing…Music…Song…Dance…and Food (of course).  Hm…  I mentioned food twice.  I might be a foodie.  Anyway, lately I’ve been combining a few of these talents all at once (I would embarass myself if I made a You Tube video of my creative exploits).  Let me explain!

Imagine a woman in her art studio/office as she dances, sings and paints herself into bliss with Bluegrass music.  My antics might qualify for a travelling sideshow!  Oh, and let’s not forget about the combination of cooking, dancing and singing (and if I’m baking and decorating cookies…that might qualify as art too!).  Blues music (especially Muddy Waters) makes for some very soulful (and potentially seductive!) culinary fun.  Alright.  My secret is out.

So, what I would like to know is this…

What is YOUR passion?  What is that one thing that you absolutely NEED in your life to enjoy a fresh sense of play and joy.  It can be a natural talent, or something that you just really enjoy doing, but I want to know what makes you tick.  I want to know what makes you smile so broadly your cheeks hurt.  What makes your heart SING?!

“Passion kept one fully in the present, so that time became a series of mutually exclusive ‘nows’.”

-Sue Halpern, “O Magazine”, September 2003-


[Sorry….I just couldn’t resist this hilarious photo!]



The Dance of Life

I love The Cat Empire.  “The Lost Song” is such a wonderful song.  The concept of “being lost” or having “lost something” is truly one of perspective.  This song makes me want to dance, because it reminds me of the precious nature of life – the cycles of losing/finding, giving/receiving.  It reminds me of what I have “found”, what I truly “have” and what I can “hold onto”.  It reminds me of the joy of life.  We can live in, enjoy and make the most out of the Eternal Present.  Enjoy!

Pssst…Over here…!

Here’s my latest indulgence…

Thank you Gabriel & Dresden

(“Organised Nature”, released May 29/07)…

My iPod worships this sound.