Literary Crumb-cake

 Diary of a T-Rex

[Poseidon’s Muse posted June 29, 2007]

Bone-white; a round eye socket

now cradles prickly cactus.

Looking skyward, then horizontally

thorny predator “eyes” survey

Terra Tyrannus.

“How deplorable,” he sighs

a defeated Tyrannosaurus breath. 

His ribcage rattles,

releasing phantom breath

from pointy nasal bones.

With a giggle and flick of a brush

sharp and eager canine teeth are dusted.

The child laughs at his discovery –

this new game of


(copyright (C) Poseidon’s Muse….Oh…who am I kidding…I don’t have a bloody copyright….just don’t plagiarize please!).


2 responses to “Literary Crumb-cake

  1. Wow, what a cool poem with depth and humour. How young we humans are in geological time but still full of childish wonder at our best. I love this poem, unique, distinctive, smiley and smart. Very cool indeed.

  2. Hi Paul!

    You are the first person to comment on this piece! So, thank you [so much] for your comments! I’ve read your writing too – and am fond of your style, so I am truly thankful for your encouragement. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece – it wafted out of my mind in one swift image, and left a giant Tyrannosaurus juxtaposition-footprint on my computer screen. Dusty giggles and a big dinosaur smile back at you Paul. Have a fantabulous day!!!!!

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