Memorable Quips

Aw, what the heck…While I’m at it (awards and embellishments page), I’m going to create a special page for some of the great comments that The Tavern receives from Readers like you from time to time.  I think this is a nice way of celebrating our personalities!

1.  My very first comment from – you guessed it – Observant Bystander (in response to this post on the Lost series):

“Great show last night! I’m like you; I like to dig into the minutiae of the story, troll the forums, and discuss theories at length with the few Lostaholics I know personally. So I wonder if next season’s shows will take place post-island??

My understanding is that the next season doesn’t start until January 2008. I know, I’m not happy about it either…Arghhh.”

[Aw…this was our first meeting OB…Good times…Love ya Babe!].

2.  Then there was this rather hilarious post – from Sayid – in response to the same post mentioned in 1.  (one of the “characters” from Lost):

“I cannot take the incompetence surrounding me any longer. I cannot maitain my silence about these people on the island. Everytime I have a plan, someone screws it up.”

[Was this really a spam comment…Was I just too excited about actually having someone leave me a comment that I was gullible enough to believe that a sexy Iraqi would leave me with a few broken words of anguish?  Who knows!  But, it sure was good for a laugh!  Can’t wait for the new season of Lost to start (this has to be the only show that I watch religiously)].

I’m running out of time this evening…but I will keep adding to this list…Tee hee hee…I’m hoping to post everyone’s “firsts” and some of the funnies soon!

Stay tuned!


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