From the Dark Void

I can never seem to remember the password to this account.  Everytime I successfully log onto this blog, I catch a breath – perhaps of anticipation or seeming dismay that the cut and paste passwords that I scrape from my Yahoo account continually allow me access to this space.  Ali baba would be a little ashamed of me as I am a bit of a defunct crypt-keeper. 

Although I am not posting nearly as oft as I used to – I have been reading some of your blogs too as a source of inspiration.  You might have caught me lurking here or there without forming an official comment.  Know that although I have been somewhat silent, I have been amazed by the depth and breadth of articulation amongst all of the postings that I have read.  Now, upon returning to this space, after an absence, like I have done, time after time – I FULLY comprehend the meaning of obligation.

I used to feel obligated to write…to speak…to add my comments here and there.  Now, I only feel obligated to exist in that definitive void and space of the now – floating between want & need, communication & silence, black & white.  A friend of mine has a talented knack of chasing my soul to the heart of it’s core existence and told me today, in no uncertain terms, that although I present the world with a fully charged and seemingly coherent mind and soul-body connection, I am a bit of a polarised individual.  Not bipolar, but polarised.

Aren’t we all somewhat polarised?

I think we all long for social interaction, but lean towards the fray of loneliness.  We yearn to speak our minds and hearts but silence ourselves because we may have found peace in the silence of Knowing.  Sometimes we may linger and delve into the depths of question, allusion and metaphor and at other times we may only superfically tamper with the fringe and tassels of the surface depths of existence.  What is left to speak when your soul has plunged to the greatest creative depths, surfaced to mingle with the loveliest of souls on the nether side and returned to display an eloquent and understated philosophy of artistic insight?

Nothing.  This is the silence of knowing, of growing.

I stand silently, in awe, at the majesty of the dark void.  My roots sink deeply into the dark earth as my hands stretch into the infinite heavens for my Beloved.  My heart thrums a beat and a song wells from deep within my chest as little jewelled chips swirl about my feet…

Tonight, we shall dance.  My partner and I shall dance.



For a respite from the musty old Tavern, I encourage you to visit here.

All Life Is Precious

 “You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
       – Anonymous


Vintage It Is…

The dearth lack of impressionable designs available through WordPress had me sigh today [sigh].  So, the “Vintage” Janteri theme it is, I’m afraid, until something spectacular this way comes (design wise, that is).

What can I say?  As usual, I am surfacing after a bit of away-time (which was much needed).  This summer truly forced me to re-prioritise my time and the Blog was the first thing to go.  I did not stop writing or creating, I just didn’t spill my creativity or energy onto the computer screen.  Thank you to a few souls for checking in on me from time to time too (Paul in particular).

Perhaps a few of my writings will end up in this space.  I may even decide to make the Blog private for some time too (so let me know if you want a password or not over the next little while). 

I hope that everyone is finding some Joy in their little corner of the World.

Peace and Happiness,


I’m a Patriot


Another Canada Day has arrived once again in our Grand Country and on this special day, I like to take a little time to blog about a few of my favourite Canadian ‘things’ (you can revisit last year’s tribute here):

-Blue Rodeo = like the Tragically Hip and Sam Roberts, this group of Canadian guys never fail to Rock out with a rainbow of Transcendent Canadian rifts.  [oh, and I think this is just one of “our songs” – nevermind the banner; it gets a tad bit annoying, but the words shine through the imagery of the piece].  Sigh. 

“5 Days in May” ~ Blue Rodeo

-The Group of Seven = Did a quick piece on this group a while back.  If paint were technicolour icing, could you say “yum!” as you dipped a finger into those lovely, colourful swirls?

-Saskatoon Berries = I’m not sure if these little purple buds of goodness grow south of the border, but they are tasty and excellent when added to just about anything (ice-cream, salads, pies).  However, they do have a nasty habit of turning one’s mouth and teeth a dark purple colour.  If you want to look like a Fraggle, these berries are for you.

-They call me Canada = I lived in California for some time and met a few great people from the Midwest and Southern States during my tenure there.  One of my new found friends got up to calling me “Canada” on occasion, as a sort of pet name.  I was flattered.

-Canadian Humour = I am grateful for Canadian humour.  Our humour is strange, witty and a little sardonic at times.  We not only call some of our towns the strangest names (Primate, Eyebrow, Blow me Down, Come by Chance, Goobies), we take pride in making fun of our politicians, on a regular basis, much to their chagrin during election time (Rick Mercer is a case in point – Bless his soul!!!).  Oh, and we seem to make fun of American Politicians too:

[you can check out the latest Photo Challenge results for Hilary and Obama HERE!]

Phew.  My abs hurt from laughing (and a wickedly brutal Pilates workout).

Happy Canada Day from “Canada”…and to my friends living and travelling abroad…Canada Loves You!


Moment of Serenity

This one was promised to Melana…

 “There is something else, some other way of Knowing, some deeper part of our Being, that knows we are not in Grief, that knows we are in Eternity; that sings out of that — that’s the Mystery that cannot be said…”

~Coleman Barks

Part 1 – The Homo sapiens “How to Hover on Earth” Guide ™

How’s that for a title? 

Perhaps I might write a book with a title such as that one day — I would make it a very quirky book about how I, a celestial seed, was thrust to Planet Earth on the back of a flaming comet and birthed from the cradle of an oyster shell…

A shining pearl.

Just kidding.

If, for some reason, you are like me and like to indulge yourself with some Inspirational affirmations, words and books from time to time, you will understand the context of this post.  I read a very interesting book a month or so ago entitled “The Authentic Leader” (Irvine and Reger).  When I picked it up I was almost reminded of a Dale Carnegie-esque business pep talk rally, until the authors courageously went beyond the corporate “spiritual” realm and touched on aspects of what it means to be an Authentic individual; living on Earth and delivering your talents to humanity to raise our Communal and Spiritual vibrations.  

Recently, I’ve discovered that Authenticity is something that doesn’t just fall into your lap one day while you are plunking away on a keyboard, hoping, in your middle-aged mind, how you might surrealistically plop into a Corvette and “Sting-ray” your way down Route 66 with a silk scarf streaming from your neck.  No, I’m talking about that little, unique, and oddly important Voice that has consistently reminded you that you are a Soul within a human body.  This Voice has been whispering to you your entire life.

Do you Remember?

-Taking long walks and staring longingly up at the stars in search of “something” that you thought you might have misplaced, such as a constellation or loved one?

-Searching for hours to find a four leaf clover, because you just had to find one and press it into a notebook for “later”?

-Dreaming about distant places and wondering about Ancient history?

-Writing poetry into a favourite notebook, hoping to lose it and rediscover it one day to remind yourself of that…?

-Creating, playing, painting and expressing yourself, without criticism or worry of marketability? 

I remember.

I still have the pressed plants tucked into the deep spines of dusty old books, the unusual pieces of gnarled driftwood that reminded me of the lakeshore that fine July day in the 80’s, the old pieces of poetry that I wrote and illustrated when I was in gradeschool.

These are my Voice Reminders.  What are your Voice Reminders?  What was your Voice trying to remind you of when you became an adult and wrapped yourself in layers of silk and papery corn husks?  What was your Voice trying to remind you of when you turned your back to poetry, paint brushes and the soft feel of topsoil between your toes?


Ah yes.  Those elusive imaginings that seemed to evade us in the practicality of mortgages, family, soccer matches, politics, food shortages, rising gas prices and climate change.  It seems as though our Voices realise that Dreams, when lived and realised by the Soul, offer not only the Individual hope, but the entire Community in which you live, as it Inspires and elevates others to Listen, Receive, Create and Give. 

Now that you realise this, what are you going to do about it?  It seems like such a daunting task to just fling off layers of vulnerability and bare that Authentic soul to a critical world full of equally bruised Egos, doesn’t it?  However, when I think of the critics, I remind myself of this — I was not placed on this Earth to live someone else’s idea of their dream, or succumb to their failed and damaged sense of Self — I am here to offer my gifts and feed my Spirit and other Spirits in the process.  Defiant?  Not really, just adamant about ensuring that I Express myself.

Too, when you are contemplating that Voice, don’t forget about your unique Expression of Authenticity and your Soul’s requirement for Listening and Timing.  When you have a feeling about a Dream (you know the one), it is often enough to just begin placing Intention into the ether.  You’ll be amazed by the Attraction that will be magnetised to you when you remain Positive about your Dream (providing that it is somewhat realistic is the caveat here) and take the babysteps required to attain that Dream:

-Spend time thinking of your talents, abilities and those nagging voices that you have ignored.  Pay attention to the things that you often preclude with the words, “Someday I will…,” or “One day I am going to….,”

-Surround yourself with people who are supportive and “on the same wavelength” and remain positive about your Dream.

-Connect to the Spirit around you to remind yourself of the Abundance of the Universe and link to this regularly (ie. take those walks, write, sing, visit friends and family).

-Take positive steps to realise your dream (ie. buy that fancy notebook or software program to begin writing that novel) and schedule time to realise your dream (ie.  I will write for 2 hrs every Tuesday and Thursday).

-Reward yourself often and don’t be disappointed with the ebb and flow of whatever Creative or Opportunity cycle crops up.  Know that Yin and Yang cycles exist.  Non-action (non-creative) cycles are just as important as Action Cycles…so give yourself a chance, be forgiving and “go with the flow”.

-Give, volunteer and donate often, as this act of “tithing” ensures that you will never want, because you accept the cause and effect, yin-yang notion of the Universe.

My dreams?

I have many.  I will write that book, paint that inspiring image, travel to those distant shores and offer my vocation up in Thanks (with Gratitude) for all of the Abundance that has been trickling my way.  This is my way and I am taking the steps required to realise these Dreams.

We might be a slight nuisance, as a species here on a planet Earth, but I do think we have the capability of being Angels on Earth.  I also think that we can Hover here, if only a short while, in a Meaningful, Authentic way.

Love and Peace.



Copyright 2008.  Poseidon’s Muse.  Ramblings from the Mermaid Tavern.