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When You’re Absolute Beginners…

Zion presented me with a panoramic view and I surveyed her land like a Spiritual broker; hell-bent on laying claim to the buried flecks of gold birthed beneath her stony ground.  I saw numbers in road signs and watched the highway blur beyond hot tears as a desert sunset reflected hot purply-pink across my cornea.  Mining for gold is a fool’s bane, but I was in love with staking land claims.

If cliches are the False Self’s sense of expropriating “knowledge” to bury more of the Soul’s gold, then “the more I learn and the more I experience, the less I truly know,” cliche is not such a bad mantra afterall.  I pondered these thoughts as the Medicine Man placed his vibrational tuning fork to my chest.  The metal hummed and whirred to the frequency of a tiny sparrow.

“You’re an Absolute Beginner,” he grimaced as he replaced the fork, chiming it once again with more verve and gusto.  A slight hum, whirr, and an audible “click” emanated from the device.  Ironically, the handle was gold.  I choked a sigh of relief.

The Medicine Man patted me on the back and whistled as he strode across the park.  His leather shoes made a slight squeaking sound as each foot pounded the earth.